Thursday, March 7, 2013

At Least There's No Hanging Chads

KCET is reporting that there are about 90,000 uncounted ballots remaining from Tuesday's municipal primary election. This could make a difference in close races such as in CD3 and CD7 where Assemblymen Bob Blumenfeld and Felipe Fuentes respectively avoided a run-off scenario with their next closest challenger. 

In the meantime, Fuentes avoided a runoff by about 200 votes. According to the City Clerk, there are about 35 precincts in CD7. I don't know if challengers Nicole Chase, Krystee Clark and/or David Barron engaged captains in each one of those precincts, but you can be sure Fuentes did. Had any of the three challengers managed to call up and get about 6 more people per precinct out for them, or flip a Fuentes voters, Chase would be in a runoff with the former Assemblyman right now. Despite that, supporters of the challengers in CD7 are talking up the number of candidates, issues with signs, bullying, etc. While each of those issues do need to have a conversation around, the simple truth is it comes down to numbers. 

Speaking of numbers, blogger/writer Joseph Mailander (check out his new book Days Change at Night: Notes from LA's Decade of Decline in Los Angeles 2003-13) crunches some election results out of Sunland-Tujunga and Silver Lake coming up with what we might call an "dis/enchanted index" for Wendy Greuel and Eric Garcetti:
"Disenchanted v. enchanted? Wendy Greuel carried all precincts in Sunland-Tujunga, but received under 50% in all but one. Eric Garcetti carried all precincts in Silver Lake by over 50%, some over 60%, and one over 70%."

Always remember folks, politics is a numbers game! Cheers!

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