Thursday, March 28, 2013

Saturday Entertainment Set for Easter Carnival!

The big Sunland-Tujunga Easter Carnival is soon upon us, starting Friday night at 5:00 p.m. The Saturday night entertainment bill looks to be a crowd pleaser with hugely popular local favorites Marcus Lane and Craig & Debbie set to fill the stage for the evening!

Marcus Lane is the melding of three diverse individuals, and music careers into a single, yet multi-faceted force. Their approach to blues seems almost as varied as blues itself. Blending soulful American roots, with powerful grinding grooves full of boundless energy, into an intoxicating unique style of blues. Their ability to perform acoustic, or electric sets makes them a perfect fit for most situations. Whether playing a festival, corporate event, or party, Marcus Lane performs with a passion rarely seen.

Craig and Debbie have been playing together for a few years now. They say they are making new music at warp speed, inspired by their loving relationship, entwined with creative urge. Craig's been playing guitar, singing and writing for decades. He has a warm and honest vocal style that makes you smile. His acoustic guitar playing romantically emotes the spirit of the music, and his song writing tells stories of love and life. Debbie is new to the performance scene, introducing music she's written over the years, thanks in great part, to the musical talents of Craig. Her songs are inspired by people and moments in her life, including songs written about her love for Craig. On a great day, she may brave the elements and play her guitar on stage, but you'll typically catch Craig on guitar, Debbie on vocals, and harmonies abound, as they come together as one, charming listeners with their music and love.

Craig and Debbie take the stage Saturday evening at 5pm, followed by Marcus Lane at 6. Back at 7pm it's Craig and Debbie, followed by another performance with Marcus Lane at 8pm and going until the carnival closes that evening at 10pm. It will be an awesome performance with these two incredible local acts!