Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Don't Tell Me It's Not a Historic Landmark

As we seek to have the site of the World War II era Tuna Canyon Detention Camp declared a Los Angeles Historic landmark, and prevent the development of several hundred homes on the site of what is now the Verdugo Hills Golf Course, more and more historic information is surfacing as to the true value of this site and why it must be designated and preserved.

Too much of our Los Angeles history has been bulldozed and lost. This site is not only local history but also national and world history with respect to a very significant time.

This portion of a documentary sheds even further light on what happened here, in our community, historic and significant. Los Angeles is not a place like Boston or New York or Philadelphia or Washington, D.C. where much history has been preserved. Let's not take this from future generations for building yet more housing, housing that we don't even need.