Friday, April 12, 2013

Eric Garcetti Climbs to 9% Lead Over Wendy Greuel

From Scott Johnson, writing today at our sister blog, MayorSam...

All the former Mayoral candidates now support Garcetti
How quick polling perception can change to surveyed reality, is on full display today as the Eric Garcetti and the Wendy "The Embraced Villar Greuel" Campaigns respond to new ABC 7 Poll that shows Garcetti leading the "Embraced Villar Greuel" 49-40%. 

Sunland-Tujunga's Kevin James supporters have
moved over to Eric Garcetti, giving the Councilman the lead in ST
The recent polling perception, as noted in two "questionable polls" had the contest near a statistical dead heat, but both of those polls had ties to organizations in support of the "Embraced Villar Greuel". The ABC 7 Poll did not and the numbers are telling.