Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sunland Skate Park to Stay Open?

You may remember a few days ago we reported on efforts to keep the Sunland Skate Park at Sunland Recreation Center open.

Our fellow blogger and correspondent, Joseph Mailander, passes along the word that LA City Recreation and Parks is not shuttering the popular facility for good, that it is in the process of repairs and those repairs are set to begin sometime in the near future.

Mailander issued the following statement on Facebook after speaking with city officials:

"I hear today from Rec & Parks that the Sunland Skate Park is actually going to re-open after repairs are made to it. The bids to repair the park actually were due and came in just this morning. There is no timeline on the construction, but Rec & Parks says that it is not closing down this park permanently!"

Mailander also teased an upcoming article to be published Friday by LA CityWatch, of which he is a regular contributor. The blogger/writer/author praised the efforts of "new leadership" in town who raised the issue and got traction with locals:

"Misinformation in fact flew in every direction over this issue that is rather minor on the surface but of high cultural interest to the community and could even help make things different across the board in S-T--and so often, misinformation is what the Old Guard likes, to keep itself empowered. If and when the community starts to become honest enough with itself to admit that it has problems at the community organization level, the first thing it has to fix is this tolerance for misinformation. (Having four Councilmembers in five years haven't helped). I'll discuss some of these things tomorrow in my column at CityWatch on the Skate Park closure, but I do on this little board want to say thanks to Tomi Bowling, Yvonne David, Jean Traubner and also some nameless others for helping me along through the process. I easily made two dozen phone calls regarding this matter to various people and City people."

We will continue to watch the skate park progress and make sure the city pulls no funny business. Stay tuned.