Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Support Teranga Ranch Today at Joselito's!

Teranga Ranch is a non-profit that specializes in reptile rescue and environmental education. We take in unwanted animals and educate the public about eco- responsibility, pet ownership, adaptations for survival, living with wildlife and more. You can support their work this evening, just by having dinner or drinks or both!

This evening (Wednesday, 4.24.13), the Ranch will be hosting a fundraiser at Joselito's. 15% of your bill will be donated back to the organization if you place your receipt in the box at the hostess stand on your way out. This also counts for to-go orders as well. Here's a win-win to support one of Tujunga's great businesses and a local charity that does great work!


Teranga Ranch Fundraiser
Wednesday, April 24th, until 10pm tonight!
7308 Foothill Blvd,
Tujunga, CA.
(818) 951-2275

More about Teranga Ranch:

In general, our mission is to help animals who have nowhere else to go and to educate the public about the pet trade, the sometimes overwhelming requirements of reptiles as pets, adaptations for survival (rainforest vs. desert lizards), lizard physiology, local lizards,etc.

We currently take in lizards and other reptiles who have nowhere else to go. Some are adopted out, and some become part of our educational program. Our educational program is run by a former Biology teacher.

General Information
We exist because people don't do the research before they acquire a reptilian pet! We are a rescue that currently houses lizards. We do educational programs for schools, community groups and other events.

All donations go towards improving the lives of the animals in our care or making space for more animals. We get calls all the time and don't always have the room or resources to take them in.