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Parents Warned After Attempted Kidnapping in Tujunga

From KTLA-5

TUJUNGA, Calif. (KTLA) — Police on Tuesday were warning parents in the Tujunga area to be on the lookout after a man allegedly tried to kidnap a young girl in broad daylight.

A police sketch shows the alleged attempted kidnapper.

It happened around 2 p.m. on Sunday in the 6600 block of Olcott Street, according to Los Angeles police.

A man allegedly grabbed an 11-year-old girl near Mountain View Elementary School and tried to pull her into his vehicle, police said.

The girl screamed for help, causing the man to release her.

He then got into a tan or burnt orange medium-sized SUV and left the area, according to investigators. “He’s bold and he’s brazen,” said Sgt. Scott Kennedy, of the LAPD’s Foothill Division. “He definitely has a motive to do something that I hope every parent would be concerned about,” he said.

The man was described as Hispanic, about 5 feet, 3 inches tall and in his 40s, according to an LAPD press release.

Anyone with information about the case was asked to contact LAPD Foothill Area Detectives at (818) 834-3115.

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Monday, May 27, 2013

Support Apperson Elementary

Eat some pizza at the new Straw Hat Pizza and help raise some funds for Apperson Elementary! 33-1/3 of all purchases will go to the school!

Wednesday, May 29th, 5pm to 9pm

Straw Hat Pizza
3463 Foothill Blvd.

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Monday, May 20, 2013

Nina Royal: Why I'm not Voting for Wendy Greuel

Editor's Note: Nina Royal is a longtime Sunland-Tujunga activist who has served for many years on the Sunland-Tujunga Neighborhood Council where she currently holds the position of treasurer. She is involved with many citywide committees which seek to hold local government accountable. She has worked with local law enforcement and was the founder of the movement that blocked a controversial plan to locate a Home Depot in Sunland. She is involved with the Sunland-Tujunga Chamber of Commerce and many local charitable efforts. For many years, she has been the publisher and editor of the North Valley Reporter, one of the most distinguished local papers in Los Angeles, though Nina makes clear she is speaking personally and not on behalf of the paper. Here Nina tells us why she is not supporting Wendy Greuel for Mayor and will be voting for Eric Garcetti.

I am not voting for Wendy because…
by Nina Royal

I am a 25 year community activist, a member of the DWP Advocacy Committee and a Sub on the MOU Committee. I fought hard, along with our committee and community members against Measure B and its outrageous plan to rip off L.A. ratepayers. Especially heinous is the fact that they were going to purchase material outside our country and hire labors from outside our city. And…all solar systems could only be purchased and installed by the DWP! To my chagrin, Wendy supported it, but Garcetti stood up against D’Arcy’s demands. If their rates keep going up, our utilities will cost more than our mortgages.

As Controller, Wendy has never audited the DWP for their “above and beyond reasonable” salaries that far surpass the private sector. Why not? Could that be why she has received large amounts of money from D’Arcy and the SEIU, who is bragging they are going to get raises when she takes office. She received money not only from that union, but all the other major unions as well, who she will be also indebted to if elected. Particularly distressing, she received over a million dollars from the Police Protective League, when our neighborhood councils, who have very limited funds, are asked to give our local police stations money from their accounts to buy things such as personal equipment lockers, etc., to be used by their officers. She should be encouraging them to use that money to support their own people instead of using NC money! Why should they need to buy her support?? She should give it willingly.

Wendy purchased additional land to add to the Verdugo Mountain Park in Sun Valley with Prop K funds that belonged in Sunland-Tujunga. She also purchased passive parks in Sunland and one at the top of Tujunga, where dense population would not benefit from them. That shows she has poor judgement. When she was campaigning to be our council rep., Wendy promised us a park on Samoa Ave., between Valmont and Tujunga Cyn Blvd, which is the densest area in Sunland-Tujunga with loads of children playing in the streets. It is 3 miles to Sunland Park and too far for them to travel. This area is park poor and that property was vacant for years and perfect for a park. Supposedly, for as long as she was our rep., six years, there was no money for our much-needed park, but she managed to buy those I just mentioned above. A church on the corner was even willing to help purchase that land in order to keep our kids off the street, but, they were turned down and told a religious organization and the city couldn’t work together because they may try to convert the kids! She should have spent the funds for that park. Now the property has been purchased with the help of the city and they are going to put in a huge SB 1818 affordable housing project. It will be 3 and 4 bedrooms with limited parking on a sub-standard width street, no yard for kids, no street parking, much higher than the other buildings and look like an albatross in our neighborhood and increase its density. She should have put in our park as she promised.

Instead she also purchased additional land for the Verdugo Mountain Park, which is no where near Sunland-Tujunga. It is land-locked with only a driveway wide entrance in the hills off of Glenoaks Blvd., which is the only way in and out because residents surround it. It is mostly used by people from Burbank and Glendale, who hike over to it from the hills in their city. She claimed she saved it from development, but it couldn’t be developed anyway because it is land locked! It’s nowhere as useful as the promised park in S-T would be. You can look it up on Google.

I started the No Home Depot Campaign in Sunland-Tujunga because those poor Kmart employees, many who had worked there for 25 years, kept coming to our Neighborhood Council crying that their company was shutting down and Home Depot was coming in. They said they couldn’t get any answers from the council office or anyone and they would lose their jobs. Every time we contacted Ms. Greuel, she said she heard nothing about it and her hands were tied. So, after a year of hearing this and nothing being done, I formed the “No Home Depot in Sunland-Tujunga” committee and staged a rally at the Glendale Bakery during one of her “Coffee’s” which was not even for S-T residents, but for Shadow Hills residents. I gave her notice the day before and only then did she show up with what she called her “Home Depot Letter” chastising Chairman Abate for not coming to the Neighborhood Council. We fought for 4 years, holding rummage sales to raise money, holding town hall meeting and rallies and trekking to hearings across the city before she finally did a “Chapter 245” asking the City Council to take charge of the Home Depot “Project.” I believe she only did this because she decided to run for Controller. I don’t believe, as she said, that Home Depot never contacted her about their intentions, because they appeared to be desperate to come into her district. Neither did she anticipate the ire of our community against Home Depot due to their disrespect and their determination to come into our town at any cost and ignore our laws to boot! There are several other reasons that I won’t go into at this time.

And…I am not saying that Wendy didn’t do some things right, such as supporting Sunland-Tujunga’s McMansion Ordinance, however, it appears to me that she picks and chooses her support for projects based on what, or who, is going to support her in return. The fact that she is focused on being the “First Woman Mayor” instead of the issues also has me concerned and I don’t trust her to keep her word.

I did support Kevin James in this election because of his fresh ideas and I agreed with his proposals and philosophy. Therefore, I really resent Ms. Greuel’s misleading politics and her treatment of him after he chose to endorse her opponent.

These are my personal opinions and not that of my North Valley Reporter. Please take the time to vote regardless of your choice, so those who died for your right to do so didn’t die in vain.

On Eve of Election, Things Look Good for Garcetti, Feuer; Controller's Race Too Close to Call

The latest edition of the USC/LA Times poll, which appears to be the most reliable of an otherwise paucity of surveys during the recent municipal election cycle, shows City Council Member Eric Garcetti sliding to a likely win in tomorrow's election. The poll, released Friday, has Garcetti up seven points on opponent, City Controller Wendy Greuel, comfortably outside the margin of error. Garcetti appears to be up in every demographic group with the exception of African Americans and self-described "moderate" Republicans. Remarkably, the left leaning Garcetti has a significantly wide lead with conservatives, likely the result of hard core campaigning by former Mayoral candidate, Republican Kevin James, whose stand that Garcetti is the more trustworthy of the two, has clearly resonated with an Anglo Republican voter base in the San Fernando Valley, a block Greuel clearly counted on, and needed, to win. Our internal analysis of numbers from the primary election, combined with voter turnout projections show that Greuel's support is extremely soft in communities in her former Council District such as Sunland-Tujunga and North Hollywood, and that where there are intense City Council runoffs (thus boosting turnout), such as CD 1 and CD 13, these are areas where Garcetti pocketed the lion's share of votes in the April primary.

An even bigger blowout appears to be shaping up in City Attorney's race where former Assemblyman and Councilman Mike Feuer has a commanding 18% lead over incumbent Carmen Trutanich. Unless something is wrong in the methodology there, or Feuer's consultant "private citizen/political consultant" John Shallman has screwed the pooch on the get-out-the vote-effort, it's difficult to see where Trutanich wins at this point. As well, the better Garcetti does, expect that to lift Feuer's boat as one can surmise the bulk of Garcetti's liberal leaning voters will go in droves for the former Councilman. Winner here: Deputy District Attorney and full time Trutanich critic David Berger who's beat a one man drum for the ouster of Nuch ever since the two had their famous falling out a few years back.

Up in the air though is the City Controller's race. Polls show the battle between activist/businessman Ron Galperin and City Council Member Dennis Zine to be a dead heat. While Zine has out raised Galperin (who did front his own campaign a significant amount of his own personal wealth), Galperin, a registered Democrat, has the full support of the local Democratic party establishment, while Zine, who slid from red meat Republican to RINO to now, decline to state, isn't getting much help from the Republican Party since his well publicized bolting from it. Expect all the Garcetti voters to go with Galperin, including a significant number of the James inspired "Garcetti Republicans" as the former mayoral candidate endorsed Galperin as well. As Garcetti rises, likely so does Galperin. One thing of note, if elected, as far as we know, Galperin would be the first openly gay citywide elected official in Los Angeles. While Dennis Zine has ridden his motorcycle dressed in full leather regalia in many a Gay Pride Parade, it's likely the gay community will swing here for one of their own.

It will be an interesting - and long - evening for sure.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

La Wendy Sings of a $15 Minimum Wage

Appearing soon for Wendy?
Yesterday it was the LGBT community; today Wendy Greuel mocks the Latino community. 

The LA Times is reporting that union supporters of the Greuel campaign are highlighting a proposal to pay all hotel employees in the City a minimum wage of $15 per hour. According to the Times, Greuel's campaign has confirmed she supports this proposal. 

The merits of that are for another post; what should be concerning is how this is being is used to sell Latino voters on voting for Wendy Greuel. The Times notes an almost cartoonish effort for Greuel that has a number of Hispanic leaders quite offended. 

A campaign flyer implies that if Greuel is elected Mayor, the $15 minimum wage will become a reality. No where does it note that the proposal is for hotel workers. Coupled with the flyer, is a mariachi style song in Spanish composed for the Greuel get out the vote effort.

Some of the lyrics, translated to English, are as as follows:

"If for la Wendy you want to voteGet in the car and let's have fun.And for la Wendy to winAll Latinos got to have her back.If you want to earn $15 an hourYou have to march for la Wendy.If the blond comes to your doorOpen the door and let her in."

This isn't the first time that Greuel's engaged in over the top pandering to Latinos. Back in February, when opening up a campaign office in Boyle Heights, Greuel showed up with pan dulce (traditional Mexican sweet breads) and a mariachi band in tow. Our sister blog, MayorSam, reported that community activist Luz Montoya stated of the event "Ellos vienen aquí y piensan que pueden ganar nuestro apoyo con un poco de pan dulce y mariachi. Nos quieren ridiculizar. (They come here and think they can win our support with some sweet bread and mariachi. They want to ridicule us.)" 

Later in the campaign, Greuel raised the ire of a number of Latino leaders when she released a mailer sent to Latino households implying she would have the support of the late Latino civil rights activist, Cesar Chavez. Monica Rodriguez, president of HOPE-PAC and a member of former Mayor Richard Riordan's administration stated at the time, "I'm sorry, but I find it completely offensive to have an image of Cesar Chavez for Wendy Greuel when this incredible civil rights leader has NOT endorsed Wendy."

Someone in City Hall said to me a while back "Everyone knows Wendy will do or say anything to get what she wants." Everyday now, this continues to be proven true. Sigh.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Why Did Wendy Greuel Dispatch a Homophobic Preacher to Criticize Gay Kevin James?

Out of money, out of time and not getting the broad based coalition of support she had figured she was entitled to, unable to slide to an easy victory, Wendy Greuel figured one way to get some traction back was to deal the race card and deal it from the bottom of the deck.

Ever since it was exposed that Wendy Greuel HEAVILY solicited former opponent Kevin James' endorsement, to wit she was deeply scorned, Wendy has decided that she can attempt to tar and feather the former broadcaster and Federal prosecutor with all kinds of old and ridiculous charges that have just never stuck.

To recap, they are:

Kevin James hates Latinos because he has advocated for immigration reform
Kevin James hates Black people because he has differed on policy with President Obama

With folks like Najee Ali, Jasmyne Cannick, Bernard Parks, Jan Perry, Karen Bass, Mayor Cory Booker, Richard Alarcon, Xavier Becerra, Irene Tovar, Monica Rodriguez and other prominent Latinos and African-Americans of the progressive stripe behind Eric Garcetti and fully comfortable with James' role in the campaign, Wendy doesn't have many options to gin up some anger in minority communities.

Supporter Magic Johnson is a little busy at the moment trying to the get Dodgers back off the ground (after the nightmare ownership of Frank McCourt), so Wendy isn't finding too many people of color to shill for her. For sure, surly African-American blogger Betty Pleasant and County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas are voices for Wendy, but the Pixie really screwed the pooch with her latest spokes-hole.

Bishop Noel Jones, a Gardena based pastor, making a foray into the world of Mayoral campaigning told the Los Angeles Sentinel that James' “...apparent relationship with Eric Garcetti eliminates any doubt that the people’s choice for Mayor should be Wendy Greuel.”

But here's the rub. Besides being the lone Republican in the mayoral primary, Kevin James, who for 6 years served as Co-Chair of AIDS Project Los Angeles, was also the lone LGBT candidate. As reported by the blog, Venice for Change, Jones has a long history of homophobia and anti-LBGT activity. The blog stated that Bishop Jones "traveled to Jamaica in 2004 to urge that country's political leaders to "stand their ground" against efforts by LGBT activists to repeal some of the most restrictive anti-gay laws on the planet."

Venice for Change had more on Jones:

In 2004, it was reported Jones, a native of Jamaica, believed his homeland should resist the pressures being placed on it by gay rights advocates to reform their draconian anti-sodomy laws. He said the nation should "stand its ground by simply allowing your laws to stay the way they are."

He was responding to reports published earlier this week in which local and international human rights groups called for a relaxation of laws that curbs homosexual conduct.

Bishop Jones, who is the pastor of the City of Refuge church in Gardena, California, and an internationally renowned television preacher, said: "If you have laws and legislation that ban certain things based on the principles of the Scriptures and based on your Christian background, then let it stand there. Who is having big debates with the Islamic people about it (gay rights)? Who is telling them to bend their laws? If your laws are based on your Christian points of view, then you must stand your ground?"

The pressure being placed on Jamaica by United States homosexual interests, Bishop Jones hinted, is inconsistent with the best traditions of the United States. "The thing that bothers me about America is if they are so democratic, why don't they allow the rest of the world to be what they are? Their democracy says a person has the freedom to do many things, so why won't they leave Jamaica alone?" Bishop Jones said.

To the best of our knowledge, the Greuel campaign has not yet commented on Jones' anti-LGBT rhetoric and positions; with the exception of stating something to the effect that the campaign is not attacking James for being gay, but for being a racist.

Something kind of tells us that they'd have a completely different tone if James had accepted one of those Wendy Greuel text messages to endorse her.

SAG Member Eric Garcetti Will be The "Entertainment Industry" Mayor

He's already played the Mayor of Los Angeles on TV; and he's a SAG member. Wendy Gruel claims entertainment industry experience, however she was simply a lobbyist for DreamWorks where her primary work was getting approval for studio head David Geffen to build a seawall, one that was opposed by environmentalists and the staff of the California Coastal Commission, at his multi-million dollar Malibu home.

In the meantime, Eric Garcetti has brought the film industry back to his Hollywood district. He's also supported by several industry unions, groups, numerous celebrities such as Jimmy Kimmel (who brought network late-night TV back to Hollywood for the first time since Steve Allen in the 60s, all under Garcetti's watch), Salma Hayek, Will Ferrell and many others, as well as the Bring Hollywood Home foundation, an advocacy group to help production stay local.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Big Tujunga Reservoir Sediment Removal Project Public Meeting

The County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works, on behalf of the Los Angeles County Flood Control District, is pleased to announce that the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) document, an Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration (IS/MND), for the Big Tujunga Reservoir Sediment Removal Project (Project) will soon be posted to this website (anticipated in mid-May). An email notice will be sent to the project's email list in the next two weeks.

Also, we invite you to attend an Informational Meeting for this Project on Monday May 20, 2013 from 6 to 8 pm. The meeting will begin with a brief presentation, followed by an open-house session where our project team will be available to discuss the Project and its CEQA document with you. The meeting details are provided below and are also included in the "Save the Date" notice here:

WHAT: Public Informational Meeting
WHY: Provide project current status and question/ answer forum
WHO: County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works Project Team and Interested Stakeholders
WHEN: Monday May 20, 2013, 6:00-8:00 PM
WHERE: Elk's Lodge Sunland-Tujunga, CA No. 2098
Lodge Room (Upstairs Meeting Room)
10137 Commerce Ave.
Tujunga, CA 91042 (map)

If you have any questions or would like to be added to our project mailing list, please email us at reservoircleanouts@dpw.lacounty.gov


(hat tip to Kristin Sabo for the heads up!)

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Wow! Thank You!

We've only been around a few months, but all of us here at The Foothills Observed are really grateful for the support we've received so far! We want to be your comprehensive news source for our Sunland-Tujunga and a place for all voices to be heard!

Our readership is growing daily and we thank you! We get our news from YOU and other folks in the community, so please send over your story tips, questions, ideas, etc. and we really want to hear about what your community groups are doing, any special events, etc. If you have a business you want to promote, you can send us that too and we'll profile you free of charge!

We have lots more coming, including a new design, better functionality, more content, more writers and more ways for you to interact. Look for this over the next few months as we grow the franchise.

In the meantime, you can always catch up on what's happening in citywide politics at our "mother ship," MayorSam.

Send any and all correspondence to foothills@mayorsam.org.


Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Final Word on Sunland Skatepark: Setting the Record Straight

Much ado has made pending renovations at Sunland Skate Park, including rash and inaccurate statements directed at this blog and the local skate moms it supported who got their first taste of civic engagement in working to save the facility that means so much to their families.

It came to a head, as reported earlier on this blog, when a spokesperson for the Department of Recreation and Parks showed up to a recent meeting of the Sunland-Tujunga Neighborhood Council attempting to spin, flap and flounder the Department out of the controversy.

This all falls from accusations made by an establishment blogger who maintains all was well with the skate park and those who spoke out on the matter were something akin to luddites taking their axes to a friendly and benevolent machine that was doing the very best for them.

Yet, we all found out it was more of a charlie foxtrot on the DRP's part than any kind of conspiracy to imply the emperor had no clothes. Even the local Council office sought to spin and spread a little fear, uncertainty and doubt (the ever dreaded FUD!)

"We have $150 million stolen from our kids' parks by City Hall and we're arguing about who started a rumor that ended in getting what we want!" 

Despite all that, the people won, the park is now on track to be repaired and some local moms were empowered. When the dust settled, even a few members of the Neighborhood Council leadership came to the conclusion that the Department could have handled the matter better and were appreciative of the moms stepping up.

The upshot of the entire matter is beautifully encapsulated by the comments of a wise person I regularly correspond with. "We have $150 million stolen from our kids' parks by City Hall and we're arguing about who started a rumor that ended in getting what we want!"

True dat. We'll watch the park's progress, and with the record now resolved, we move on to fry bigger fish. 

After the jump, follows a timeline of the Skate Park saga, graciously provided by Sophia Theodoropoulos-Herbaugh, one of the skateboard moms. That's followed by a personal recap of her visit to the Neighborhood Council meeting by Yvonne David, another of the skateboard moms.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Did Wendy Greuel Forget The Foothill Bridge Was In Her District? And That The City Spilled Toxic Waste Into Big Tujunga Wash?

The bridge that cannot be spoken 
about is not the absolute bridge?
We reported yesterday that attorney Noel Weiss has released video and documents from a court case where homeowners were suing the City over alleged damage to their homes via bridge construction in Council District 2 during the time Wendy Greuel served as Council Member.

Many of us who had Wendy for a Council Member both here in Sunland-Tujunga and the rest of the district are no longer buying the narrative of how much Wendy "cared for us." She's a politician after all and none of them really care when it comes down to it.

In reviewing the video of Wendy's deposition, which mostly relates to lawsuits filed in Studio City, I found a telling and unexpected nugget. When asked by attorneys for the plaintiffs if she was familiar with bridge projects in her district, she apparently forgot that the Foothill Boulevard bridge over the Tujunga Wash, was in her District. (The bridge was being widened as part of the City's bridge improvement project; the City of LA and the contractor were both later cited by the State of California for violating water quality laws by allegedly discharging hydraulic fluid into the Tujunga Wash.)

Attorney: "Does this help refresh your recollection as to which bridges within the bridge improvement project that fell within Council District 2?" 
Wendy: "Yes. I think the one I should have remembered was the Foothill one because that was a big improvement. But I was really referring to the ones in Studio City."

You can watch the clip above (we have the entire video here, it's a few hours long) and judge for yourself.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Sunland-Tujunga Neighborhood Council!

The Sunland-Tujunga Neighborhood Council moves into double digits, celebrating it's aluminum anniversary! All stakeholders are invited to come out and partake; a free BBQ dinner will be prepared by local culinary legend, Tom Smoker.

When: Wednesday, May 8th, 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Where: North Valley City Hall, 7747 Foothill, Tujunga

After dinner, stick around for the show as the STNC Board hold it's annual meeting! Learn more about your community, how it works and voice your thoughts on local issues!

Noel Weiss on Wendy Greuel's Handling of Local Bridge

The following is sent over to us by local attorney, progressive activist and former City Attorney candidate, Noel Weiss.

Noel has shared the entire file from when he deposed Wendy Greuel, who as a City Councilperson, fearful that years of City neglect could lead to a collapse on her watch, pushed through the renovation of the Moorpark Street Bridge in Studio City. Though the bridge was surely in need of replacing, Greuel was more focused on the pomp and politics of it and construction methods were used that lead to severe damage to the homes of several Studio City homeowners, including that of an 82 year old widow.

From Noel:

Please see the link of my deposition of Wendy Greuel back in 2010 where under oath Wendy just could not find the way to take responsibility for the complete 'screw-job' she did on an elderly widow whose home was damaged due to the City's engineering malpractice on the re-do of the Moorpark Street Bridge. . .

That 're-do' occurred back in 2007-2008 while Wendy was on the City Council.

Disconnected from day-to-day operations in her own office, the deposition shows a disengaged management style, little knowledge of the facts and poor leadership.

Ms. Greuel has spent a lot of time running for office, and precious little time running whatever office she holds. This can be seen in the deposition video and in her recently released Controller calendars which highlight meeting after meeting which is listed as taking place "Without Wendy." It appears from this deposition that her council office also ran "Without Wendy."

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Someone Take Wendy's iPhone Away Quick!

Wendy Greuel's bizarre text message thread to former opponent Kevin James has been the talk of town over the weekend. You might remember where the City Controller doggedly pursued the conservative third place finisher for his endorsement with a series of love texts...only to be scorned as James opted to endorse the other candidate in the Mayoral runoff, Eric Garcetti. Instantly the tone of Greuel and her campaign changed calling James all kind of names, comments about "Nazi sympathizers" and other nonsense. It just gets more silly doesn't, it? Fourteen more days, folks.

Read more at:
LA Times
Village to Village

Friday, May 3, 2013

The People Support Eric Garcetti!

Wendy Greuel has the support of retired athletes, an impeached ex-President and an old mayor who says inappropriate things to small children (who she plans to make employee #1) - but visionary, progressive leader Eric Garcetti has the support of real Angelenos! As we saw a few weeks ago with his well attended rally in Sunland-Tujunga, support is strong for the Council Member, while the Controller is face with fighting to hold on to just her base. The former Republican Greuel, has found that an overwhelming majority of Republican, Libertarian and conservative voters are supporting Eric Garcetti. This should be a vote that is in Wendy's pocket as the perceived more conservative candidate. However, even though many of us on the right have sharp policy differences with Mr. Garcetti, we view him as having the character, ethics and track record to turn LA around.

Check out this amazing video - and pledge to vote for Eric Garcetti for Mayor!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Tujunga Little League Sponsors Vegas Night!

Here's a way to support the kids of the Tujunga Little League and have a whole lot of fun doing it! The League will be hosting a Vegas Night on Saturday, May 11th from 6:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. at the Tujunga Elks Lodge, 10137 Commerce Ave

Cost is $60 which includes the big tournament, all games and food. $30 for some games (dinner included) or dinner only at $15 each. Must be 18 years of age or older to participate. 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Beware a Wendy Scorned!

I'll get you my pretty!
When Wendy Greuel and Eric Garcetti moved from the Mayor's primary, both sought the endorsement of #3 finisher, Kevin James, who had a solid performance among conservative and San Fernando Valley voters, both necessary for either to win in the general election on May 21st.

However, in a Los Angeles Times article, we are learning of a bizarre sidling up by Greuel to James within minutes of the polls closing on primary election night, an aggressive pursuit of James and his support.

The texts and courting included:

“How is your day looking? I am ready, willing and able!” Greuel texts on March 7.
“I am stalking you :)” Greuel tweets on March 14.
This goes on for several days. At one point, Greuel tells James that she ran into Pacific Palisades Republicans at a farmers market who missed his presence in the race.
“U are beloved – I hear it a lot!”  Greuel writes on March 25.
Once James made his selection of Eric Garcetti for Mayor, Greuel made a sudden turn and like a person scorned began a full on barrage of personal attacks on James.

Greuel needs, and thought she was entitled to the James endorsement and White conservative voters. She didn't get that from her former opponent, and polls show Republicans are going for the more liberal Garcetti.

And of course, private citizen/political consultant and Greuel helmsman, John Shallman, in a tone reminiscent of a teenage girl spurned by the captain of the football team saying "Wendy would never have accepted Kevin James' endorsement..." making some muttering claim about James making racist remarks or something. Snore.

James  apparently had enough of Greuel's inconsistent courting of him followed by the attacks from the candidate and her supporters he released the texts.

Which may inspire this blog to release some juicy stuff we were on the business end of receiving that we've held in the MayorSam lockbox up until now. We'll see. Let's just say it's not the kind of comments you'd expect from Democrats about a "minority group."

Another Mayoral Debate!

Who Should be the Next Mayor of Los Angeles? City Councilman Eric Garcetti and City Controller Wendy Greuel will join us on Saturday, May 4 at our Los Angeles Mayoral Forum.

Alliance for a Better Community, HOPE, MALDEF, NALEO Educational Fund, NCLR, and media partner La Opinión have partnered to host a Los Angeles mayoral candidate forum with City Councilman Eric Garcetti and City Controller Wendy Greuel on May 4. Join members of the Latino community as both candidates answer the questions that matter the most in advance of the upcoming mayoral election.

701 S. Catalina Street 
Los Angeles, CA 90005 

Refreshments will be provided.

Space is limited.

Please RSVP with Aly Ashton

(877) 352-3676 or aashton@naleo.org