Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Beware a Wendy Scorned!

I'll get you my pretty!
When Wendy Greuel and Eric Garcetti moved from the Mayor's primary, both sought the endorsement of #3 finisher, Kevin James, who had a solid performance among conservative and San Fernando Valley voters, both necessary for either to win in the general election on May 21st.

However, in a Los Angeles Times article, we are learning of a bizarre sidling up by Greuel to James within minutes of the polls closing on primary election night, an aggressive pursuit of James and his support.

The texts and courting included:

“How is your day looking? I am ready, willing and able!” Greuel texts on March 7.
“I am stalking you :)” Greuel tweets on March 14.
This goes on for several days. At one point, Greuel tells James that she ran into Pacific Palisades Republicans at a farmers market who missed his presence in the race.
“U are beloved – I hear it a lot!”  Greuel writes on March 25.
Once James made his selection of Eric Garcetti for Mayor, Greuel made a sudden turn and like a person scorned began a full on barrage of personal attacks on James.

Greuel needs, and thought she was entitled to the James endorsement and White conservative voters. She didn't get that from her former opponent, and polls show Republicans are going for the more liberal Garcetti.

And of course, private citizen/political consultant and Greuel helmsman, John Shallman, in a tone reminiscent of a teenage girl spurned by the captain of the football team saying "Wendy would never have accepted Kevin James' endorsement..." making some muttering claim about James making racist remarks or something. Snore.

James  apparently had enough of Greuel's inconsistent courting of him followed by the attacks from the candidate and her supporters he released the texts.

Which may inspire this blog to release some juicy stuff we were on the business end of receiving that we've held in the MayorSam lockbox up until now. We'll see. Let's just say it's not the kind of comments you'd expect from Democrats about a "minority group."