Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Did Wendy Greuel Forget The Foothill Bridge Was In Her District? And That The City Spilled Toxic Waste Into Big Tujunga Wash?

The bridge that cannot be spoken 
about is not the absolute bridge?
We reported yesterday that attorney Noel Weiss has released video and documents from a court case where homeowners were suing the City over alleged damage to their homes via bridge construction in Council District 2 during the time Wendy Greuel served as Council Member.

Many of us who had Wendy for a Council Member both here in Sunland-Tujunga and the rest of the district are no longer buying the narrative of how much Wendy "cared for us." She's a politician after all and none of them really care when it comes down to it.

In reviewing the video of Wendy's deposition, which mostly relates to lawsuits filed in Studio City, I found a telling and unexpected nugget. When asked by attorneys for the plaintiffs if she was familiar with bridge projects in her district, she apparently forgot that the Foothill Boulevard bridge over the Tujunga Wash, was in her District. (The bridge was being widened as part of the City's bridge improvement project; the City of LA and the contractor were both later cited by the State of California for violating water quality laws by allegedly discharging hydraulic fluid into the Tujunga Wash.)

Attorney: "Does this help refresh your recollection as to which bridges within the bridge improvement project that fell within Council District 2?" 
Wendy: "Yes. I think the one I should have remembered was the Foothill one because that was a big improvement. But I was really referring to the ones in Studio City."

You can watch the clip above (we have the entire video here, it's a few hours long) and judge for yourself.

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