Tuesday, May 14, 2013

La Wendy Sings of a $15 Minimum Wage

Appearing soon for Wendy?
Yesterday it was the LGBT community; today Wendy Greuel mocks the Latino community. 

The LA Times is reporting that union supporters of the Greuel campaign are highlighting a proposal to pay all hotel employees in the City a minimum wage of $15 per hour. According to the Times, Greuel's campaign has confirmed she supports this proposal. 

The merits of that are for another post; what should be concerning is how this is being is used to sell Latino voters on voting for Wendy Greuel. The Times notes an almost cartoonish effort for Greuel that has a number of Hispanic leaders quite offended. 

A campaign flyer implies that if Greuel is elected Mayor, the $15 minimum wage will become a reality. No where does it note that the proposal is for hotel workers. Coupled with the flyer, is a mariachi style song in Spanish composed for the Greuel get out the vote effort.

Some of the lyrics, translated to English, are as as follows:

"If for la Wendy you want to voteGet in the car and let's have fun.And for la Wendy to winAll Latinos got to have her back.If you want to earn $15 an hourYou have to march for la Wendy.If the blond comes to your doorOpen the door and let her in."

This isn't the first time that Greuel's engaged in over the top pandering to Latinos. Back in February, when opening up a campaign office in Boyle Heights, Greuel showed up with pan dulce (traditional Mexican sweet breads) and a mariachi band in tow. Our sister blog, MayorSam, reported that community activist Luz Montoya stated of the event "Ellos vienen aquí y piensan que pueden ganar nuestro apoyo con un poco de pan dulce y mariachi. Nos quieren ridiculizar. (They come here and think they can win our support with some sweet bread and mariachi. They want to ridicule us.)" 

Later in the campaign, Greuel raised the ire of a number of Latino leaders when she released a mailer sent to Latino households implying she would have the support of the late Latino civil rights activist, Cesar Chavez. Monica Rodriguez, president of HOPE-PAC and a member of former Mayor Richard Riordan's administration stated at the time, "I'm sorry, but I find it completely offensive to have an image of Cesar Chavez for Wendy Greuel when this incredible civil rights leader has NOT endorsed Wendy."

Someone in City Hall said to me a while back "Everyone knows Wendy will do or say anything to get what she wants." Everyday now, this continues to be proven true. Sigh.

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BHNATIVE said...

Wendy, you may want to check the census in Boyle Heights on the average income, and taking into consideration that it is a low income community. Disable and retired I make twice the $15.00 an hour, and is passive income.