Monday, May 6, 2013

Noel Weiss on Wendy Greuel's Handling of Local Bridge

The following is sent over to us by local attorney, progressive activist and former City Attorney candidate, Noel Weiss.

Noel has shared the entire file from when he deposed Wendy Greuel, who as a City Councilperson, fearful that years of City neglect could lead to a collapse on her watch, pushed through the renovation of the Moorpark Street Bridge in Studio City. Though the bridge was surely in need of replacing, Greuel was more focused on the pomp and politics of it and construction methods were used that lead to severe damage to the homes of several Studio City homeowners, including that of an 82 year old widow.

From Noel:

Please see the link of my deposition of Wendy Greuel back in 2010 where under oath Wendy just could not find the way to take responsibility for the complete 'screw-job' she did on an elderly widow whose home was damaged due to the City's engineering malpractice on the re-do of the Moorpark Street Bridge. . .

That 're-do' occurred back in 2007-2008 while Wendy was on the City Council.

Disconnected from day-to-day operations in her own office, the deposition shows a disengaged management style, little knowledge of the facts and poor leadership.

Ms. Greuel has spent a lot of time running for office, and precious little time running whatever office she holds. This can be seen in the deposition video and in her recently released Controller calendars which highlight meeting after meeting which is listed as taking place "Without Wendy." It appears from this deposition that her council office also ran "Without Wendy."

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