Friday, May 3, 2013

The People Support Eric Garcetti!

Wendy Greuel has the support of retired athletes, an impeached ex-President and an old mayor who says inappropriate things to small children (who she plans to make employee #1) - but visionary, progressive leader Eric Garcetti has the support of real Angelenos! As we saw a few weeks ago with his well attended rally in Sunland-Tujunga, support is strong for the Council Member, while the Controller is face with fighting to hold on to just her base. The former Republican Greuel, has found that an overwhelming majority of Republican, Libertarian and conservative voters are supporting Eric Garcetti. This should be a vote that is in Wendy's pocket as the perceived more conservative candidate. However, even though many of us on the right have sharp policy differences with Mr. Garcetti, we view him as having the character, ethics and track record to turn LA around.

Check out this amazing video - and pledge to vote for Eric Garcetti for Mayor!