Thursday, August 15, 2013

Get Your Lawsuit Here! Read The Complete Snowball West Verdugo Hills Filing

Now you can read it for yourself and it is - fascinating reading! The complete lawsuit filing by Snowball West, developers of the Verdugo Hills Golf Course, against the City of Los Angeles and former Councilman Richard Alarcon, for the efforts to designate all, some or part of the golf course as a historic landmark, since the site was once used for as an internment camp for the Japanese during World War II.

Snowball is not at all happy about how things went down and a big part of it is that the historic effort was initially sold by Alarcon as a way to block the controversial development. This was declared by Alarcon's deputy, Gerald Gutaban, at a Sunland-Tujunga Neighborhood Council meeting and later in press reports about Alarcon's plan.

Somewhere along the way, the historic effort was divorced from the nearly decade old save the golf course campaign for reasons that are not quite clear. Speculation includes motivation such as not wanting to offend the Japanese community which was now already engaged, to reducing the risk for the City of avoiding this very kind of lawsuit to the effort no longer being needed by Alarcon, who proffered the solution a scant few weeks before the conclusion of his race for the State Assembly (he lost), a speculation at least made by the plaintiffs in their case.

Just this past Wednesday evening, it was stated during a report at the Sunland-Tujunga Neighborhood Council Meeting that the historic effort had nothing to do with preserving the site from development; something the record just does not support. The plaintiff's filing also makes this very clear.

Read the entire document here.

The worm continues to turn!

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