Monday, September 2, 2013

Have You Seen Brandon the Tortoise?

Brandon the Tortoise, who has been part of the same Sunland-Tujunga family for 40 years, has been missing for some time and his owners are desperate to find him.

There is belief that Brandon may have been found by another individual who is keeping him, but there is little information as to who this individual may be and no way at present to contact them

Local resident Grace Kastraniec Taylor posted the following additional details at Facebook. If you have any information relating to Brandon, please call the owners at 818-352-5508

Hello everyone! I have posted this on the Animal pages but have had no luck, so thought I would try this one since it has so many followers. Brandon the Tortoise is still LOST and I am trying to advocate here on FB for his owners, because they are an elderly couple that do not have computer access. I mainly need help trying to locate a woman who has in her possession a tortoise that was FOUND on Silverton last month, but although I was told that she was given the information to be able to get in touch with these people, she has not attempted to yet, and it's been weeks already. At this point, I have no idea how to find her. All I know is that she also used to have a tortoise, which she also lost and that is how she ended up with the one that was found, but is not making any attempt to find the owner. The person who originally found the turtle could not keep it, so gave it to her for safekeeping, while trying to locate the true owner. She also has children and they have named the new tortoise Miles. If anyone out there has ANY information as to who this person might be, PLEASE call Brandon's owners at 818-352-5508. They just want to have an opportunity to see if the tortoise that she now has is theirs, but if it is not, they will not take it from her. Brandon's humans and mate really miss him. Please help if you can. Thank you so much!

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