Sunday, September 8, 2013

The City Council's Export the Homeless to Sunland-Tujunga Program

If you ever wonder why there are so many homeless in Sunland-Tujunga, there is one very good reason why.

Photo from Sunland-Tujunga Memes
We are a net importer of these unfortunate individuals.

There are many reasons without doing anything that our community is attractive to the homeless. For many, it's the same allure that brought many of us are here. It's a great place - a semi-rural, small town type burg set against spectacular mountains.

More so, homeless are lured here by a rapidly growing set of social services, a beautiful park with lax enforcement, resources to earn some income and a wash to hide in. And we have an upcoming homeless festival, complete with illegally posted flyers.

For years, other communities locally and out of town have given the homeless one way tickets to our town. But now, the LA City Council itself is intently looking at S-T to absorb the homeless from Downtown and Hollywood.

Want proof? None other than our former Council Member, Richard Alarcon (yes, THAT Richard Alarcon) said so. And here's the video to prove it.

It comes from the live broadcast of the LA City Council and is un-edited. This is just prior to when Richard Alarcon, Jan Perry and the outgoing Council members were leaving office. Anyway, here they are saluting Jan Perry for her years in office. The first part is former Council Member Bill Rosendahl cheering Jan. The next speaker is Richard Alarcon who talks about the work she has done to bring in Staples Center, LA Live, all the downtown development etc and how they have had to deal with the homeless. Alarcon goes on to say how he tried to help her by building homeless projects in the NE Valley. Thus, they want to bring homeless here and get them out of downtown where billions is being spent on hipster development.

Special thanks to Wally Wharton for getting us the clip.


Betty Davidson said...

The park should be enjoyed by all, but the homeless have trashed it and are the majority there and I would not feel comfortable or safe spending time there. WHY does our police dept. and councilman do something to restore the once beautiful park we enjoyed back when???

Michael Higby said...

Good point, Betty. I want to know not only why our Councilman insisted that the homeless resource fair be held in the park - as opposed to North Valley City Hall which makes more sense - but that the committee of local folks on the Homeless Working Group chose not to challenge his desire to hold this fair in our park?

dgarzila said...

you need to put the blame on the ACLU and the Supreme Court as well. Part of the Jones Settlement was that the City had to create a certain amount of permanent supportive housing for the homeless and a portion of that had to be built outside of downtown. Then the case about personal property happened, thus the LAPD has it's hands tied now that the Supreme court ruled in favor of the abandoned trash - property - that the homeless bring. This also made downtown skid row , once again a dangerous place, thus , caucasians do not want to venture here for services. Sorry, even homeless people have their preferences. So you need to take this up with the ACLU. Other than that the Supreme Court has made it's decision.

todd dunston said...

remember most homeless in the park have been in Sunland Tujunga longer than most they were born and raised here if people stop working the illegals they hang out by the u-haul centers I looked at the problems it causes in California's economy I've never met a lazy homeless person try being Caucasian go stand up by uhaul looking for work and see how far it gets you not the locals that caused all the problems this community has

Richard Mitchell said...

I keep hearing a lot about the homeless tell the homeless something has to be done to the economy I don't hear anybody saying anything about the illegals the hang out of there by the U Haul looking for work tax free and I'm sure still hitting our government for welfare nothing I don't have a right to be here but do it legally the homeless at the park are here legally most are Caucasian and from Sunland Tujunga born and raised try being Caucasian stand by U Haul and look for work better fighting in 15 minutes time what some drunk illegal. the other half have her bringing drugs with them drugs with them look at the piece of junk trucks picking up the recycling with unsafe loads going down on highways. don't think they don't stop and dumped bags of trash.. as well as anyone else people invite the trash digging you see it by the TVs microwaves. and things sitting next to the curb see you started the trash by putting it there. if you would have recycled it. in the first place the trash won't be there for them to get into before pointing fingers clean up your yard and the Coyotes won't be digging in the trash