Thursday, March 6, 2014

Bonnie Corwin is a Friend of Sunland-Tujunga, First and Foremost


A lot of folks are making the case that you should consider who one associates with when you make a selection for Neighborhood Council this Saturday.

There may be some validity to it, but in the end, each person is accountable to themselves, and God (if you choose to believe that), only.

Many folks are simply voting for Nina Royal for STNC treasurer because they have personal animosity towards David DeMulle, who has a friendship with Bonnie Corwin, who is Royal's opponent.

We've documented here that Royal has put in many hours over the years on behalf of the community. Frequently, she's found her efforts bogarted by various charlatans who took advantage of her good nature. But we have also noted that despite Royal's service, she is not the right choice for treasurer, given the current state of our community's finances and the need for more fiscally adroit folks to work with new City Controller (who unlike our last controller is less politician and more technician) to make our finances more transparent and ethical.

The city has a very rudimentary technology in place at present to present fiscal information to stakeholders online. For example, we can see expenditures and cash withdrawals by STNC but there is no backup online or even descriptions as to what the funds were intended for. For example, why are there regular monthly with withdrawals of cash for the same amount? Why is the STNC shopping at Home Depot and what are they buying? I am certain that nothing nefarious is going on here (some of you might suggest otherwise). But we have no way of knowing.

Nina Royal suggests the answer to this conundrum is to make an appointment with Ed Rock, the office manager for the STNC, a kindly gentleman who works a few hours a day keeping track of things. During such an appointment, one may sift through piles of receipts in folders kept by STNC treasurers past. That's a practical suggestion if this was 1978, when folks worked 9-5, had hour long martini lunches and Peppered up at 10, 2 and 4. Today, most of us are doing the work of 2-3 people 20 years ago and don't even take a lunch break. Such an activity would be out of the question. This is why the Internet was developed and why this information en toto needs to be online - to empower good governance.

Bonnie Corwin has impressed many as a thoughtful and resourceful individual, with the technical expertise required in the financial world, as working financial professional. Those who wish to maintain the status quo - many of whom privately trash Nina Royal - are using the specter of David DeMulle to unfairly tar and feather Ms. Corwin.

How many of you have a friend or even spouse that you would not want to be judged by? Indeed, many of those opposing Ms. Corwin are tied up with folks who have exhibited questionable private and public behavior. Would it be fair to judge Nina Royal by their activtiies? I don't think so.

I believe there are many areas of community need, starting with a decent newspaper, that Nina's talents can address. But at the STNC level we need change and we need it now.

Vote for Bonnie Corwin for STNC treasurer, if you truly want change.

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