Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Call A Wahmbulance for Richard Alarcon

Here's a guy, who a jury said broke the law and sold out his communities, including Sunland-Tujunga, getting lots of crocodile tears from nice old ladies awaiting the second coming of Tom Bradley to nice but confused Sun Valley grillmasters who rub shoulders and esteem themselves with local pols while telling other communities to "deal with" the effects of their latest "project."

Anyway, when I think of things these days with regarding the state of the city, I ask myself, "What did Zuma Dogg tell us 3-5-10 years ago?" Fortunately, I can easily search the archives of Mayor Sam or one of Zuma's many blogs to find just that. Or even a Google search turns up a treasure trove.

Alarcon once said he didn't want Zuma Dogg dictating policy. But in the end, Zuma Dogg was right about so many things and Alarcon is now a convicted criminal.

The former Councilman has been convicted of perjury and lying about his residence so he could dump an Assembly seat he had been elected to a month before and take up one more lucrative term on the LA City Council. This is not about voters, not about the people, not about community, it's about these people securing as more power and prestige as possible and securing some kind of payday so that they don't ever have to work a real job.

Once the voters start to get how things work, they might start sending a message and vote for people who will actually do the people's business. In the meantime, Richard Alarcon has a message for the dopey voters.

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